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Family Law

Family law is often an emotional area of the law requiring innovative yet heartfelt solutions to difficult issues. Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law has built a solid foundation balancing the well-being of your family members with pragmatic solutions for a better union and clarity for the future. While our office is in in Omaha, Nebraska, we practice throughout Omaha Metropolitan Area, and other areas of Nebraska and Iowa. Because we are advocates for family and the human condition, we have an all-encompassing suite of services that will serve you from starting your family to preparing your assets for tough times.

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  • Prenuptial contract
  • Separation agreements
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Bankruptcy
  • Protective Orders
  • Restraining Orders
  • Paternity
  • Visitation Rights


Going through a divorce or legal separation can be a frightening and emotional experience for anyone. Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law prides herself on limiting the emotional pain that you may experience during this process. Jill is dedicated to helping you navigate through the possible issues that may arise. Jill Harker specializes in complicated divorces and custody issues. When you're facing a contested divorce it is important to have an attorney who not only knows the law, but also wants to represent your interests. At Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law, she will work to get you what you deserve and help you protect your interests.

In many situations, couples cannot agree on the terms of their divorce. If you are having difficulty dividing your assets, you will be required to go before a judge. The judge will then divide up your assets and determine the following:
• Liabilities
• Custody & Visitation
• Spousal Support
• Child Support
• Attorney Fees Child Support

Both parents share in the responsibility of raising children. Within the confines of the law, we utilize every available provision to uphold your children's rights to receive the financial support required for a healthy, happy upbringing, while ensuring that the financial burden is divided fairly between both parents. Count on Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law for all your family law needs. As your aggressive legal representation, rest assured that we'll fight for you.

Child Support and Custody

Going through a divorce is both physically and emotionally tough to go through, especially when kids are involved. At Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law, she can help in making sure that your child is not affected by the divorce in taking care of the child's needs.

Jill Harker can help negotiate with child custody in working out a plan with both parents/parties that are involved with taking care of the child. As well as with custody of the child, Jill can assist with working out child support for the child.

Don't let divorce settlements affect your child than it already has, help make the process the easy for them to understand by contacting Jill Harker in Omaha, Nebraska. Jill is her not just for the parents but also for the child.


Seek assistance with your divorce from Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law, a family law and divorce attorney serving the Omaha, Nebraska area. Jill Harker believes in defending fathers' rights, and will work towards a favorable outcome for your situation. We understand the unique role science plays in child custody, child visitation and child support cases. A positive result can help you prove your fatherhood so you can reunite with your biological children and affirm your claims to custody and visitation. A paternity test can conclusively prove you are not the father of a child so you can avoid a lifetime of unfairly paying child support.

There has been a great deal of pressure exerted on our legislature and appellate courts for quite some time to change the unfair aspects of paternity law, and we keep up to the minute on any changes. If you are a mother seeking child support, we guide you through the complex court proceedings to legitimize an unwilling father. Under current law, this is not a difficult accomplishment as it is for alleged, but not actual, biological fathers. Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law has appeared in court at trials and other proceedings, including motions for post-judgment modifications of custody, alimony and child support. She has represented her clients before court-mandated settlement panels and in private mediations.

Protection Orders and Restraining Orders

The Protection from Abuse Act is still sometimes utilized as a strategy, mostly in divorce and custody cases, to have an innocent person evicted from a home. If you are being wrongly accused of committing domestic violence in Nebraska or Iowa, don't wait to take care of the issue. Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law will discuss your options with you and assist you in obtaining or defending against the issuance of a restraining order.

Problems or accusations related to domestic violence are time-sensitive and need to be acted upon immediately. Your safety, as well as the safety of your family, may necessitate the need to obtain protection orders or restraining orders from the court. Meanwhile, an unjust accusation against you could lead to criminal and/or civil penalties if you do not act quickly to defend yourself. Freedom is your right! Call Jill K. Harker Attorney at Law today and let our experienced criminal lawyers build you the defense you deserve.

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